14 Apr

The Strategic CIO

The current landscape has changed dramatically due to the challenges surrounding the economy as well as the consumerisation of technology. This changing landscape of instant gratification and tough business operating conditions is giving rise to a new breed of Chief Information Officers, often referred to as The Strategic CIO.

Courtesy of Economist Intelligence Unit

Courtesy of Economist Intelligence Unit

Time is no longer a luxury CIOs can afford. The days of multi-year project implementations are gone. CIOs are expected to provide quick monthly/quarterly transformative initiatives significantly accelerating time to value. CIOs are now fully expected to be in lockstep with the business. You may have heard my colleagues at VMware talking about the need for IT to operate at the same speed as the business.

CIOs are now fully expected to have the technical depth as well as business knowledge. CIOs can no longer be disengaged from their’s business’s core values. They are now expected to be fully aware of their business’s processes, objective and top initiatives.

A strategic CIO’s top priority is to accelerate the delivery of such initiatives as well as and enhancing the business’s capabilities around developing a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Strategic CIO can clearly demonstrate the positive impact of technology to business leaders. From enabling the CMO to leverage social and mobile trends to accelerate the company’s online presence to helping the CFO to drive down time to close the books as well as increasing governance.

The strategic CIO will focus on making strategic technology investments by maximising the value of the overall IT budget through transitioning it away from keeping the lights on and towards continuous innovation.