ArashArash Ghazanfari
Arash has been involved with a number of leading technology vendors with a proven track record in enabling strategic sales campaigns during his career in pre-sales.
With over 18 years experience in IT, Arash has gained valuable knowledge across a broad spectrum of technologies with a particular focus on the data centre architecture and its evolution into a Software Defined form factor.
He has spoken at a number of industry events and expeditions including the Business Continuity Road Show sponsored by EMC and VMware, VMware User Group meetings, Storage and IP Expo with discussions focusing on the Virtual Data Centres of the future.
Arash lives with his family in Solihull. He is a father to three children who keep him and his wife very busy. You can follow him on Twitter using the handle @arashg_

MattMatt Ford
Matt has been involved within IT for over 15yrs working alongside a wide number of technologies, including Vendor Technical Pre-Sales, Partner Consultancy and end user positions. A keen Ethical Hacker and proponent of Social Engineering, he has presented and given demonstrations at events across the country, with a focus on how understanding the attacker can be so important to security strategy as well as delivering product focused seminars.
A teacher of User Awareness and Ethical Hacking courses, he has a strong desire to impart knowledge onto others and help raise awareness of “What could happen” as part of a malicious attack or data breach, although strongly dislikes the term Technology Evangelist!
Living at home in Yorkshire with the family, you’ll often find him heading out for a run, watching the F1 or being eternally disappointed by his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @thisismattford